How We Built The A-Frame Shelby Shack Tiny House: 8 – The Electric

Let there be light... and some outlets please...

STEP 8 – The Electric

Matt here! So, Catherine, Theresa, and I all debated whether or not to wire our tiny house with electricity. Since many of the kids were doing school in the fall again virtually because of COVID-19, we thought the Shelby Shack would be great for online school, so we decided to wire it up.

I hired my talented and professional brother-in-law Brendan from Berry Electric (serving the greater Philadelphia market) to give us electric.  The girls considered lots of light fixtures, and ultimately went with a nice globe, and the more time we spend with it, the more we really like it.

Brendan tied into an existing outside outlet on the main house and ran the line underground to the shack. The electric was brought in through the base of the floor near the door, where we put an outlet. Since there is no real place to hide wires, he used white wire and ran it a long the white beams to help it blend in.

The light switch is right inside the door for easy access. It was placed on this side to keep the amount of running wire to a minimum.

Having electric and especially a light helped us work on the cabin in the evenings, which we did a lot. It also made it easier to play some of the LPs on our record player.

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