How We Built The A-Frame Shelby Shack Tiny House: 10 – The Interior Design

Let's make the place where we wanted to spend time in... a tiny home away from home.

STEP 10 – The Interior Design

Yo, yo, yo, Theresa again. I’m bookending this project.

Finally, time for furnishing. We considered lots of ideas for furniture. Many people had put beds in their tiny houses with this design, but since we planned to use it mostly for work and relaxing, we thought a couch would be best. Catherine and I visited two Goodwills nearby and I found this beautiful blue couch. The dimensions were perfect! We took a trip with the minivan and it was ours for just $13!

I already had a roll top desk that I thought would compliment the couch and look great under the window. It’s been great for school and also creative projects.

And of course, we are all fans of music and especially our LP albums. This record player with built-in speakers also has Bluetooth,  so it works great for streaming music as well.

A rug was the final piece that pulled it all together! Jasmine, our dog, enjoys it too.

So, that’s it! Ten steps to building our tiny house that we call Shelby Shack! If you haven’t seen enough I suggest going back to step one… or you could just check out our blog. There were many other projects, fixes, additions, and enhancements we’ve made since this step, but this was the final major step. Hope you enjoyed it!

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