It’s been a busy few months…

Yeah, it’s been awhile. Catherine and I were working hard at the end of our school year and have officially graduated! We haven’t been posting updates lately, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on Shelby Shack projects.

A couple months ago we found a chair on the side of the road. It was a little beat up but we saw the potential it had.

While busy studying for AP exams and my other final exams this year, I took some time to clean it up. Here’s me taking off the old cushion for the new one!

Here’s another time lapse of me, but this time I’m cutting the new cushion. I started with scissors, but it was too thick. This saw ended up working pretty well even though it looks a little funky lol. And don’t worry, I cleaned up the edges later.



I decided to paint the chair to match our desk and I think I did an excellent job matching the colors. What do you think?


Our next plan is to mount a fan to the wall because it can get pretty hot in here during the summer.

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