Who Is Behind the Shelby Shack?

The Shelby Shack Team

Learn about the team behind the build of the tiny house, Shelby Shack.

Our tiny house project, named Shelby Shack, had lots of helpers! From siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles, and friends, it was a team project for sure. The project took lots of work, learning, and a lot of patience. We never built anything like this before, so it was quite an endeavor – and it’s still standing!

Theresa (Left) and Catherine (Right)

The primary builders were the identical twins Catherine and Theresa, and their dad, Matt.  We had a lot of fun in the process.  Check out the “How We Built It” to see how we built it in 10 steps, and you can read all about the help we got from others (thanks, everyone!). Theresa was the driving visionary who came up with the idea and it wouldn’t have happened without her. You can read about her reflections on the project here.

Theresa looked around for the cheapest tiny house designs online. She and her 3 sisters were going to pay for it with their own money from chores, babysitting, and summer jobs. She found a design by Deek Diedricken, a cool tiny house planner, builder, and house sculptor, that could be built under $1,000 (using reclaimed materials as well), that would be perfect for our project.

From Theresa:

“I’ve always admired tiny houses. I used to spend hours watching tiny house tours on YouTube. At the beginning of quarantine, I had an idea. I wanted to build one in my backyard. With a family of seven, it was often hard to find a quiet place to do my schoolwork. Attending Zoom meetings was a nightmare when I had to turn my mic on. I share a bedroom with my twin sister, Catherine, and she claimed the room for schoolwork, so I felt I had nowhere to go. I wasn’t planning to live in the tiny house, but I would work there. I could finally have a place where I wouldn’t be distracted — a place I felt was mine. I knew my parents would immediately be against it so I planted seeds… I mentioned a tiny house video I saw that day, I explained how inexpensive it was to build one, and I sent them instructional videos. I found tiny house plans online. After a couple of months, I finally convinced my dad, Matt, and then he really wanted to build a tiny house too! In the end, we all convinced my mom to let us do it. We decided to build an A-frame cabin design because that seemed the cheapest and easiest route.”

We documented our build for our own memories but decided it would be great to share our experiences with others. We hope you enjoy our journey. Don’t forget to check out our blog and social media for updates.

Jasmine, Our Shih Tzu, Enjoying the Shelby Shack During the Rain
Theresa, Catherine, and Matt (Dad)

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The Visionary


The Make-It-Happen-inator


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